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tv   Mornin  CBS  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we have new details in the case of nicole lovell. she's the 13 year old who had been missing since wednesday and found dead saturday afternoon. yesterday, police charged a second person in connection to her murder. natalie keepers is accused of getting rid of lovell's body and helping her alleged killer -- david eisenhauer -- after the death. keepers is a virginia tech student, from maryland. david eisenhauer, is also from maryland and also a virginia tech student and track athlete. the investigation found its way to a pond on virginia tech's campus near the veterinary medicine building. divers from the virginia state police search and recover team waded into 39 degree water searching for evidence but wouldn't say what they were looking for. police also said that eisenhauer and lovell knew each other before her
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lt. mike albert, blacksburg police department 00011205 "eisenhauer used this relationship to his advantage to abduct and then kill her. " those divers may be out again today to continue their search. keepers and eisenhauer remain in jail without bond. a community in maryland is feeling a little uneasy after the arrests in the lovell case. 19-year-old natalie keepers is from howard county, maryland. she has been charged in connection to the murder of 13-year- old nicole lovell. keeper's arrest came just one day after lovell's body was found in north carolina. neighbors say they are shocked at the accusations. "if in fact that actually turns out to be accurate, am i going to be a little my family interact, yeah of course i will -- i certainly wouldn't expect that from them, normal family here." 18 year-old david eisenhauer has been charged with lovell's a teacher at his former high school be available for teachers who knew him. murder of reserve captain kevin quick begins today in roanoke. six alleged gang members are accused of abducting
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january 20-14. his body was later found in goochland county. a federal judge declared a mistrial back in may after a defendant shared a list of personal information about potential jurors. late last week a judge denied a request from two of the defendants to dismiss some of the charges. a louisa county man has been charged for leading deputies on a car chase through several counties. authorities say it happened saturday night when they responded to a call for suspicious activity. officials say michael davis refused to pull over his car and sped off. he led deputies through ablemarle, orange and green counties. davis is being held at the central virginia regional jail. during the incident two louisa county cars were damaged--one ran off the side of the road and davis hit the other. the sheriff's office says no one was hurt. ((cold toss to leo)) lookingkimberly again will be warming into the upper fifties
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from lane stadium on the campus of virginia tech in blacksburg clouds drifting by the region but that's about it temperature on the chillier side thirty six degrees but you'll be warming up nicely calm winds so no worries about the windchill factor there visibility also looking good my have a little area isolated fog here and there but that is about it here you go we are finding showers driving into the mountains a west virginia attending to fall part as they slam into the western facing slopes but eventually some of this will make its way, east a the mountains. so we all have a chance for a few light showers today will be talk about pockets a heavy rain as we head toward wednesday per right now good portion the area not really seeing much at all most of it back toward greenbrier valley west virginia western parts a and also up in pocahontas county west virginia here's your fitness forecast heading out for walker jog this morning clouds quickly thicken up now to get a go far walker jog this afternoon watch out we will have spotty showers here and there does grab the
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of a verystrong frontal boundary have the potential seeing severe weather from the gulf coast up toward the ohio river valley for our area since were in that cool air wedge we only have instability but since is bigger is front is been a be moving through our area still care were loud a rumble of thunder here and there our concern would be some pockets a heavy rainfall ponting the water on the roadways evenson strong gusty winds as the system moves through anywhere from about a half-inch to as much is an inch inch and a quarter as it pushes through and on the backside of that front much dryer weather returns for the end of the week today ronald fincastle lexington upper fifties to near sixty a few showers lynchburg appomattox loving stint hovering around 60 down toward gretna danville south boston you does have a slight chance for shower lot right now your little too far to the south and east see me the main push of moisture newer valley southwest better chances the showers up toward the highlands greenbrier valley west virginia your the best chance temperatures in the low to mid fifties for you and your first alert wtvj seven day planner groundhog day tuesday locally for us
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with an isolated shower here there mainly a little mist and drizzle weather impact day wednesday would some heavier rainfall moving in an and thursday friday saturday and sunday all looking nice would sunshine and highs back to where they should be for this time beard in the mid 40s you like the new this morning, we're learning about a case of the zika virus in our state. leaders of the college of william and mary confirm that a student there has the zika virus. the student got the virus while traveling in central america over winter break. the student is expected to be okay, and isn't having any symptoms. school leaders also say they don't think there's a health risk to anyone else on campus. zika is a mosquito- borne virus that has been linked to severe birth defects. scientists studying el nino are getting a new look at the storm's erosion impact with the help of drone operators. researchers are now able to gather data to help make a 3-d map of the eroding california coast line. the efforts have helped scientists find thousands of homes that could be in jeopardy this winter. like a local apartment complex that's now teetering on the edge.
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coast researchers hope the data will help them warn those at risk who live along the nearly 13- hundred miles of shoreline. general motors wants to accelerate its plans to bring self-driving cars to the road. g-m is creating a team to focus on self-driving research starting today. the car company already has advanced technology on the road, including the super cruise feature that lets you take your hands off the wheel. this new department will be led by one of g-m's presidents. it's goal will be to make g-m the leader in self-driving car technology. the 6-11 steam locomotive will pull a new series of excursions this spring, but first the team that takes care of her has some work to do! the 611 will leave the virginia museum of transportation soon. exactly when we don't yet know. but the vintage engine will go to a norfolk southern facility at shaffer's crossing to have the front truck wheels replaced.
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steam engine expert who led its restoration last year. scott lindsay/steam engine expert: the wheels that are being replaced date back to norfolk and western operation in the '50s. so i believe they were dated 1957, so they ran the end of steam, and all of the ns steam program in the 80s and 90s, and got us through the 2015 season. so they've done their job, and it's time to make them an exhibit. after the wheels are replaced, the 611 will return to the north carolina transportation museum for the annual inspection required by the federal railroad administration. the queen of steam will get an extensive check-up including boiler tests, but lindsay says she'll be ready for the spring exurcions. tickets for the 2016 excursions go on sale this month. you won't have to worry about any icy patches on the roads today, but there could still be other detours. we'll have everything you need to know, next in your i-hometown traffic report. good morning, i'm joe dashiell. what kind of recreational opportunities would you like to see at explore park? roanoke county wants to know, and we'll tell you to how
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opinion, coming up
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mostly cloudy today with a few passing showers. high near 60. there's a mile-long backup now on i-77 south in carroll county because of an accident. it involves a damaged bridge and several vehicles. all southbound lanes are closed near the route 58 exit in hillsville, which is at mile marker 14. southbound traffic is being diverted off at exit 14, and right back onto southbound i-77. there's no estimated time for the highway to re- open.
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the new river valley is scheduled to come to an end today. right now the road is blocked in both directions from indian valley road to big branch road. it should open around one o'clock this afternoon. this is a live look at downtown roanoke from wdbj7's mill mountain camera. traffic is moving along fine there so far this morning. tomorrow night, roanoke county will hold the second of two community meetings on the latest plans for explore park. the county is now developing a master plan for the park, and wants to hear from the public. wdbj7's joe dashiell is talking about that this morning with doug blount, the director of roanoke county parks, recreation and tourism. good morning kimberly, there's a lot to this plan, and doug is here to explain some more about what's included. 1. doug, what can people expect to see if they turn out for the final open house tomorrow night? (we will have copies of the draft plans for citizens and stakeholders to look at. and we will also have staff available to be able to talk with people who attend the open house. and
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to provide us with written feedback.) 2. so, let's take a look at one of the graphics from the explore park master plan website. doug, this is called the integrated vision graphic. there's a lot going on here isn't there? (there is. what we're focusing onis three different aspects, inlcuding activities in the air such as zip lines. we wnat ot have acitivities on the land such as hiking, biking and equestrian use. and then probably most importantly, having access to one of our resoiuces, the roanoke river.) 3. what about a business plan? this has to be sustainable, or we'll face another disappointment. (that's one of the more important want to have a sustainable plan that proivate
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also financially feasible to operate the park on an annual basis.) 4. so doug what are details on the final open house tomorrow night? (the meeting is tomorrow night, tuesday february 2ns from 6 to 8 at the south county library) doug, thank you very much. it promises to be a detailed plan with many different recreational opportunities. kimberly, coming up in the next half-hour, we'll hear what happens next as roanoke county works to develop a sustainable vision for explore park. we're introducing you to a very special volunteer at the virginia museum of transportation. why the museum wouldn't be the same without him. and, what some washington and lee students are doing to help make sure kids in rockbridge
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hungry. wednesdaynow live through our mill mountain tower camera toward a beautiful downtown roanoke were finding quiet conditions this morning clouds will be thickening up and we do have a chance of seeing a few light rain showers today right now we are quiet is you heading out about with the exception maybe pocahontas county greenbrier county west virginia you might see a little bitter rain in see that feeding in from the west we do a week frontal boundary will drive through our area today that will keep the chance showers going on and off not can be raining all day long. not can rain everywhere. this is light rain shower activity hit or miss but you want have that umbrella close at hand take it with you this morning even though it's not raining does later this afternoon a slightly better chance of seeing some though showers drive through temperatures across the area mainly in the thirties and forties even some low fifties fifty around smith mountlake fifty one danville fifty one bluefield then you
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galax forty six with bill forty two louisburg out lexington only 35 blacksburg coming in at chilly thirty six degrees now all be warming through the forties through the morning by the one shower low to mid fifties an and later today topping out upper fifties to near sixty so it's can a be another warm one we have this high-pressure kino cranking in the heat from the west would getting these little ripples of energy swinging through now today will be a late they showers temperature sixty degrees tuesday we get that easterly component to the when you notice we always talk about that cool air wedge some cool air clouds locked in place might see a little mist and drizzle we breakout of that wednesday with a high of 62 but some heavy rain drives into the region with a strong cold front him we quiet down thursday and friday the snow that would all that warm weather continues to dwindle away across the region maybe one to three four inches still on the ground more to our north you forecast for today would talking fifties low to mid sixties with a few showers tonight stray shower lows
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forties and your first alert wtvj seven day planner groundhog day tuesday locally mostly cloudy an and a weather impact day wednesday with 30s low to mid 40s and your first alert wtvj seven day planner groundhog day tuesday. locally mostly cloudy an and a weather impact day wednesday with rain falling heavily times for strength of nice weather returns by the end of the week and the upcoming weekend will time will museum of transportation offers much more than just trains! there are cars, planes and even a special bus display. museum volunteer, harry messimer, drove for greyhound for 31 years, so he's the man to talk to about all things busses! wdbj-7 videographer bruce young introduces us. harry messimer, volunteer, virginia museum of transportation: "almost everything in this room is my collection." messimer: "i had just got out of the korean war, during that time, and i came there in 1956 and these are my two buses." messimer: "like i say, almost everything in here is my collection. the toy buses, the pictures are individual pictures i put into collages. i have some of the old bus station postcards. they
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in different cities. "i did a lot of the hauling of the protesters to washington, dc, during the 1960s. the freedom riders is what they were. and i'd have to stay with them and bring them back to here, and then another driver would take them back south, when they go. those were rough days for me. scary days, really, for the freedom riders and all. i never had any trouble with any of them. i treated them real nice, and talked to them, and stayed with them -- like i say, stayed with them in washington, dc, three or four days at a time. "this is my favorite spot here, the better buses. there's the old silver-side bus, and the old double- decker bus, and the others that were made. these were my best ones. i got some of them at yard sales,and some of them we -- we had in chicago, and
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new york city, they had the gift shop that sold toy buses. "i bought this school bus in salem, virginia. it was on eighth street, underneath a canopy. and it had been kind of beat up and banged up a little bit, but we got it fixed and we got it running. the most important thing about this bus is the seats inside of it." (nat: snap as chain cut away - "ah, yes.") messimer: "it's a 1934 dodge brothers school bus. as old as i am, i have never seen one with seats like the inside of this bus. and i'm real proud of it now, because a lot of people love it, we get a lot of compliments on it. "this was my cap here, my driver's cap. i was a driver instructor at one time here, for the last seven years that i worked with greyhound. and i trained the first driver -- girl driver -- that drove in this area for
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time. 1976 and '77. "a lot of the drivers said, 'why don't you sell this stuff and get you some money?' i said: why do you think i saved it for? for myself and the public, to show the public someday. "oh, yeah. there will always be a bus." students at washington and lee are teaming up with community members to fight childhood hunger. the 4-th annual souper bowl kicked off yesterday. students, kids and adults were able to taste several different types of soup for a small fee. the money raised goes to w and l's campus kitchen's backpack program. that's a program that gives food to students who receive free or reduced lunch. jenny davidson/co- curricular service coordinator: "the idea is that on friday we can send over a bag of non- perishable food items to help decrease the food needs over the weekend and keep them fed until their back at school on monday." the program has
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non-perishable food items to students at elementary schools in the rockbridge county area. this year's goal was to raise 8-thousand- dollars to fund three months of the program. the warmer weather this past weekend was both good and bad news for a popular festival in muchigan. why some people were sad to see the temperatures soar. and will it be the panthers or the broncos? either way, there's more at stake in this year's super bowl than just the
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the weekend warmup didn't stop some people from trying to carve ice sculptures! it was all part of snowfest in michigan. many of the sculptors who were hard at work weren't too happy about watching their creations melt right but, those who aren't fans of the cold temperatures say the warm weather was a nice change. we're less than a bowl 50. the winning team iconic lombardi after the game, the trophy is returned to tiffany and company where it will be
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fought hard to win it. for the first time, in addition to the lombardi trophy, the winning team will also get an 18-karat gold plated "fifty." you can watch the super bowl next sunday right here on wdbj-7 at 6-30. a big part of the super bowl is the food, and we want to know what's cooking in your kitchen for the big game. submit your favorite party recipes on our website in the must see 7 section. you can also browse other wdbj7 fan's recipes to get ideas. we will share some of our favorites that you submit on wdbj7 sunday mornin'. the iowa caucuses are finally here, but it's too close to tell will win the most votes. how the candidates prepared for today's contest. president obama is making his first visit to a mosque in our country as commander-in-chief this week. what he's expected to do there. and, in today's healthy living, we'll chat with a carilion family practitioner about the best ways
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this flu season. with poll numbers close on both the democratic and republican sides, it's too early to tell who will take the most votes today. marlie hall reports on how the candidates prepared for today's iowa caucuses. hoping to dampen donald trump's momentum... texas senator ted cruz made his final pitch to iowa voters sunday... (sot ted cruz/ des moines) if everyone here brings nine other people to the caucuses tomorrow night, we will win the caucuses tomorrow, we will win the nomination, and we will win the general election in november 2016 during an event in sioux city, trump pushed back -- this time labeling cruz dishonest and deceptive for sending out this flier... (sot trump) a voter violation. you see this? official documentation sent to voters, then they have grade for different things. that is terrible. it's a
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des moines, ia) forecasts here in iowa are calling for snow in parts of the state beginning tonight ...which could have an impact on voter turnout. volunteers for both bernie sanders and knocked on doors into the night... as the two their closing arguments: "here's an idea.together, we're going to create an economy that works for all of us, not just the 1 percent." stand up and fight for you every day of this campaign, and when we win, i will stand up for you every day." clinton lost iowa during her presidential bid in 2008. (vo marlie with winfrey) political analysts say this time around the former secretary of state is working on her likability. (sot - prof. kelly winfrey / iowa state university) she's focused a lot on her relationships with people. she's focused a little more on middle-class issues. with polls showing tight races on both sides...the fight for iowa could come down to the wire. marlie hall cbs news des moines, iowa. the democratic presidential
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their final appeal to voters in new hampshire on wednesday. that's less than a week before votes are cast in that state's first primary, which is also the first in the nation. cnn announced it will hold a prime-time town hall there wednesday night. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley will field questions from participants. the town hall happens just two days after the iowa caucuses. the latest polls show a tight race between clinton and sanders. deadlines to register to vote are quickly approaching ahead of primary races. virginia's deadline is february 8-th to vote on super tuesday which is march 1-st. eight states have deadlines this week for those who want to vote in presidential primaries. the u-s election assistance commission has links on its website for each state's elections office and a link to register. the republican party of virginia has abandoned plans to require a statement of affiliation - or a loyalty pledge - in the upcoming presidential primary. organizers voted to rescind a plan requiring people taking part in the march 1-st primary to sign a statement saying "i am a
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the oath was recently criticized by donald trump and others who say it could alienate first- time and independent voters a federal judge and appeals court denied an attempt by trump supporters to block the oath. ((cold toss w/stinger)) obviouslytemperatures starting off in the thirties and forties across erie we have forty right now roanoke fifty his you had toward new york city down toward alanna at fifty eight degrees we should all warm through the fifties to near sixty degrees as we head through the afternoon water showers moving into the mountains a west virginia toward west some of that will tend to fall part as it drives through the mountains that's can a help squeeze out the atmosphere but as he had later this morning into the afternoon a line the showers will be drifting tothe
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it's not raining now in many hometowns grab the umbrella take it with you. you may need it this afternoon now not talking but a lot arraignment this first push a tent here couple intense there at best but we will see some heavy rain had in our direction as he head toward wednesday with a strong cold front moving through that could give us maybe another inch to inch and a quarter before it's all said and done if you taking your bike out today maybe riding into work or school watch out this morning just mostly cloudy temperature 30s and 40s seventy a warm data take your bike upper fifties to near sixty but you have to watch out for sporadic showers are good bet is maker way through the afternoon here comes the main push on wednesday this front will trigger some severe storms along the gulf coast takes right up into ohio river valley and as a moves to our area it's can be running into some cooler air that will have sent place tomorrow so we should get the severity of whether but we could see some heavy downpours and strong gusty winds as that exits the area behind this though by thursday friday saturday and sunday high-pressure moves back into the region and that means will see much more the way of sunshine you forecast
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ctr., virginia would talking low sixties through southern virginia gretna danville south boston low to mid sixties isolated shower the you newer valley southwest better chances showers, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s and the highlands greenbrier valley west virginia more like the low fifties with the best chance of showers pocahontas county seeing some right now already and your seven day planner relatively quiet is you had toward groundhog day tuesday mainly cloudy little drizzle wednesday weather impact day would rain falling heavily at times 62 that would've that thursday friday into the weekend lots of sunshine comes back would temperatures getting back to where they should be for this time of year in the mid 40s e escaped prisoners from san francisco are finally back in custody. after eight days on the run, bac duong turned himself in on friday at an auto parts store. hossein nayeri -- the suspected ringleader behind the escape -- and jonathan tieu were captured a day later 400 miles away from where they broke out of jail. an unidentified tipster recognized the two and a white van parked in front of
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grocery store. (grace scott gatpandan/ san francisco police dept.) "a citizen saw someone. saw something suspicious, notified an officer. and that notification ultimately led to the apprehension of two armed and dangerous suspects." police did find ammunition inside the van. the three are headed back to orange county central men's jail, but they'll be placed in a more secure unit. last week officials arrested a woman who taught english in the jail. she admitted to giving a map to nayeri to assist him with their escape. subway riders in harlem are on edge after another stabbing at a station. police say early yesterday morning a man was stabbed after an argument with a woman. authorities are still looking for the suspect. the incident marks the 5-th subway stabbing in new york since the start of the year. some residents are even suggesting that career criminals should be banned from using the subway. it's not clear if a rule like that would be legal. a community is honoring an indianapolis school principal as a hero. susan jordan died tuesday after pushing students out of the way of an oncoming bus.
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for more than 20 years at amy beverland elementary school, where she knew the names of every student. her students and co-workers at the school said they will remember her for her kindness and positivity. (dr. jan combs/ friend) "susan loved fiercely and that was never more evident then on january 26 when she fiercely shoved students out of the way of a moving bus and saved them instead of herself." jordan's daughter lisa told everyone her mother would want them to keep going and believe in themselves. flags were flown at half-mast saturday at state facilities in indiana to honor her memory. president barack obama is gearing up to make his first visit to a u-s mosque as commander in chief. a senior administrator says the president will visit the islamic society of baltimore on wednesday. he's expected to host a roundtable with community members. he'll also celebrate the contributions of muslim-americans to the country. the president has visited mosques overseas but never in america. key congressional leaders have closed the case on the investigation into retired 4-star general
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last year, petraeus admitted to giving his biographer and lover, paula broadwell, notebooks containing highly classified information. he intially lied about it to the fbi. pentagon officials sent a 3 sentence letter to the leaders of the senate armed services committee saying the matter was closed after an army review. talks of demotion and a reduction of his pension were considered, but lawmakers on both sides came to the general's defense, saying he'd already paid for what he did. flu season is here. but so far, it hasn't taken too much of a bite out of our area. in this week's healthy living, dr. priscilla tu a family practitioner with carilion joins us with an update on what we need to know about the flu. good morning, dr. tu and thanks for joining us. kimberly mcbroom/wdbj7: have you all seen very many cases of the flu so far this season? kimberly mcbroom/wdbj7: is it
6:31 am
kimberly mcbroom/wdbj7: some new guidelines are out as to who should get a flu shot...can you remind us of those? you can read
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wdbj7-dot-com, after the newscast. there is a backup on i-77 in carroll county right now. we'll have the details on the wreck that's causing delays, in your i- hometown traffic report. roanoke county has a 99-year-lease on explore park. and now planners are trying to chart the next 20. we'll consider what's ahead for 1100-acres near the blue ridge parkway, in just a few minutes
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mostly cloudy today with a few showers developing. high around 60.
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i-77 south in carroll county. there was an incident there involving several vehicles that damaged a bridge. both southbound lanes are closed near the hillsville exit at mile marker 14. southbound traffic is being diverted off at exit 14 and right back onto southbound i-77. right now there's no estimate for when that stretch of the highway will re-open. we'll of course keep you updated here and on wdbj7-dot- com. the piney woods road construction in the new river valley is scheduled to come to an end today. right now the road is blocked in both directions from indian valley road to big branch road. it should open around one o'clock this afternoon. what's next for explore park. roanoke county is developing a new master plan that will guide development there over the next 15-20 years. and wdbj7's joe dashiell is in the studio this morning with a look ahead. kimberly, we're talking about explore park today, because roanoke county is holding a second community meeting tomorrow. we'll give
6:35 am
that in a moment. but first i want to ask doug blount where we go from here. 1. doug in the short term, what klind of activities and development do you anticipate at explore? (what we want to be able to do is provide more passive recreation opprotunities such as hiking, biking and picnicing. we also want to be able to provide more activities such as special events, interpretive programs and summer camps.) 2. how important will business and community partnerships be? (these will be instrumental in the implementation and success of the master plan.)
6:36 am
that comes together overnight. how long do you think it will take to put the new master plan into action? (we have plans to begin as early as this summer to start to implement the master plan, but we will have many phases that will contribute to many years of ongoing implementation.) 4. it's not too late for people to provide input, is it? (we still want people to come out tomorrow night, provide feedback on our master plans and tell us how we're doing.) thank you doug. the final open house on the explore park master plan is tomorrow night, tuesday february 2nd from 6 to 8 pm at the south county library if anyone needs more information, we're including a link with this story on wdbj7-dot-com.
6:37 am
meeting tomorrow night is a great opportunity for people to help the planning process by sharing their opinions about the future of explore park. here's a look at what's trending on facebook this morning. voters are heading to the polls in iowa this morning. they will pick who they want to see as the democratic and republican presidential nominees. these will be the first votes cast in the 2016 race. the results are expected to set the tone for the rest of the primaries. -------- a doctor thinks that o-j simpson has a brain disorder. it's called c-t-e, and is caused by repetitive head injuries. the doctor says simpson's behavior is a good indicator that he has the disorder. and, what would the classic disney movies look like if they were directed by tim burton? an artist in l-a decided to show us. here are his versions of beauty and the beast and
6:38 am
birthdays for 2/1/16 (monday) evelyn quesenberry - willis matthew woodson - eagle rock - 19 teddy mullins - collinsville - 44 billy hoke, jr. - covington - 11 judy brown - roanoke lavonna feather - brenda smith - blacksburg - 43 clarence kirby - glasgow tanya dudley - roanoke - 47 wilbur walker - critz - 70 adrienne williams - navion hamm - keyanna deshazo - martinsville - 22 lexington - 7 lexington - 37 theresa cox - roanoke - 29 tiffany martin - pilot
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shaun wooden - roanoke - 32 alex haley - parrot - 1 cole trail - pulaski - 6 leo & irene bannister - buchanan - 38th
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areatemperature starting
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forties across our area we do have a frontal money qaeda see that frontal right there could splitting up the warm weather to the east a the chilly weather to the west now lunacy some that cool weather had our way tomorrow but goes right back up on wednesday talk my highs today in the sixties right now bedford bedford middle school 47 southwest went around two miles an are will be in that five to ten mylan our range today see the showers continuing to feed in from the west mainly back toward pocahontas county west virginia into central parts a west virginia kentucky tennessee eventually some of that will drive through our area this morning relatively quiet this afternoon spotty showers moved through how much rain we talking about it's not really a lot a rain with this first push maybe a tenth or two tenths here and there at best but then as we head toward wednesday that's will really can a get a push of some heavier rainfall maybe another inch to inch and a quarter by the time it's all said and done you forecast for today would talk my temperatures in the forties this morning warming up into the mid upper 50s and even
6:42 am
through the afternoon and by midnight cooling back down into the mid forties here's what's going on had a the front would getting warm weather today and him we have another system drive down to the south bring us some light showers here comes that next system ahead tuesday cool and damp and then we will see heavy rainfall moving in on wednesday even isolated thunderstorm as that front drives through all the severe weather stays just outside of our region you forecast for today would talk about temperatures in the fifties low to mid sixties mostly cloudy would showers developing a few stray showers tonight seven day planner groundhog day tuesday mainly cloudy an isolated patchy area of drizzle wednesday weather impact day would some heavier rain an and were nice and a second person is now charged in the death of 13- yer- old nicole lovell. natalie keepers, who is a virginia tech student, has been charged in connection to her death. she has been accused of getting rid of lovell's body and helping her alleged killer -- david eisenhauer -- after the death. david eisenhauer, is also from maryland and also a virginia tech student and track athlete. police say eisenhauer and
6:43 am
other before her abduction. the two suspects are in jail, without bond. voters will head to the polls in iowa today to pick who they want to see run for president. with poll numbers close on both the democratic and republican sides, it's too early to tell who will take the votes today. the candidates spent the day yesterday trying to rally voters one last time. senator ted cruz and donald trump both held events yesterday. volunteers for bernie sanders and hillary clinton knocked on doors and made calls to help their candidates. but forecasts in iowa are calling for snow in parts of the state, which could have an impact on voter turnout. we're learning about a case of the zika virus in our state. leaders of the college of william and mary confirm that a student there has the zika virus. the student got the virus while traveling in central america over winter break. the student is expected to be okay, and and isn't having any symploms. school leaders also say they don't think there's a health risk to anyone else on campus. zika is a mosquito- borne virus that has
6:44 am
mostly cloudy today with a few passing showers.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 1st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the moment of truth in iowa. caucus day is finally here. we are on the campaign trail. plus interviews with hillary clinton and donald trump. the zika virus may be declared a global emergency. dr. jon lapook reports from brazil, the epi center of the growing pandemic. and country star dierks bentley is here today to unveil the nominees for the country music awards. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. you have a lousy record. 16 years and you haven't picked a winner. please, pick a winner this time.
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final pitch to iowa voters.
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